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Documtec Oy has appointed a new director to drive the growth and development


We are committed to driving our growth and strengthening our position in both domestic and international markets.

Jukka Pennanen has been appointed to lead Documtec’s growth. Jukka brings with him over 25 years of experience in international b-to-b business in the ICT, sports, energy and circular economy industries. The appointment is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to strengthen and grow the business. Jukka has successfully held roles in marketing and sales and as a Managing Director. Jukka’s background and expertise will drive the company forward and develop Documtec into a stronger and more competitive player in the market. Jukka starts in his new role on 8. February 2024.

“The goal is to create a journey of growth and development. I am consistently building the operating model and conditions to enable Documtec’s growth and increase customer value. My role is to help the team evolve and help our customers get more help to succeed,” says Pennanen.

Jukka’s values are based on helping, fairness and trust. He emphasises that development starts with valuing people, courage and the consistent development of skills.

In the future Documtec’s Owner-Managing Director Jarkko Vepsäläinen is focusing more on customer relationship and sales management, ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible service to our customers.

“We are very excited to have Jukka joining the Documtec team. His extensive experience and insights especially in the energy and ICT sectors bring valuable depth to our strategic planning and operational execution. This is a significant step in our company’s development and I look forward seeing what the future brings. Jukka’s involvement will allow me to focus even more on strengthening customer relationships and sales, which has always been my passion. Together we are building a strong future for Documtec serving our customers even better and responding to the challenges of digitalisation.”

A strong focus on growth and development

Besides the growth strategy, Documtec is developing an internationalisation strategy. The target is to respond to the digitalisation needs of specifically manufacturing companies. The goal is to “create a bridge between knowledge and understanding”, and to make technology more available to all. Documtec is committed to offering its customers even more efficient and better solutions.

Last year, the company acquired PlantSys®, a modern information system, which strengthens the company’s position in the industrial sector and opens up new opportunities for our customers. PlantSys® is an innovative software designed to modernise the control of processes in production plants and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

As a part of growth Documtec’s team has recently expanded in software development, finance, and marketing, bringing fresh insights and strength to our organization.

Stay tuned, as we will be announcing more details about our future plans in the near future. The future is full of exciting challenges and opportunities!

For more information:

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Jukka Pennanen, Vice President
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